We call an engine - a set of functions to access specific database plus the GUI components performing access to the database objects. Engines are shared libraries with runtime dependencies to avoid licensing problems in distribution.
GSQL - is a glue, uniting the engines in one coherent development platform. If you would like to develop an engine of your own, you can get more info about engine API and the development process in the development section. Feel free to contact the core team first.
Oracle Oracle
Available features:
  • navigation tree
  • SQL editor
  • create/edit/drop tables
  • create/edit/drop triggers
  • create/edit/drop procedures
  • create/edit/drop functions
  • create/edit/drop packages
  • DBMS output support
Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation
Available features:
  • navigation tree
  • SQL editor
  • create/edit/drop tables
MySQL is a registered trademark of MySQL AB
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
(release 0.2.2 [oct. 2009]: experimental)
Firebird Firebird
(planning state)
SQLite Sqlite
(planning state)

Terminal Terminal
Allow open terminal session to the databases.
Exporter Exporter
Export result set to file. Formats support: TXT, CSV, HTML, XML
Runner Runner
Periodical SQL execution
Tunnel Tunnel
SSH tunneling
VCS VCS (planning state)
Export storage code to the VCS (SVN, Git, etc.)
  Importer (planning state)
Import data from CSV or XML files to the database.
  Knowledge Brain (planning state)
Knowledge base plugin based on Web-Service (RPC/SOAP)